Wisconsin Caterpillars

Genus/Species: Pieris rapae

Butterfly Grouping:  Whites

Host Plants:  abbage white caterpillars feed on a wide variety of garden vegetables in the Mustard Family; cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, mustards, radish, and garden plants such as alyssum and wallflower. Other host plant families include nasturtium, caper, and mignonette.

Genus/Species: Papilio canadensis

Butterfly Grouping:  Swallowtails

Host Plants:  Leaves of various plants including Wild cherry, Birch , Aspen, and possibly American mountain ash and Showy mountain as

Genus/Species: Phoebis sennae

Butterfly Grouping:  Sulphurs

Host Plants:  Their host plants are Cassia/Senna plants in the pea family.

Genus/Species: Junonia coenia

Butterfly Grouping:  Brushfoots

Host Plants:  Blue toadflax, American plantain, Black seeded plantain or Red stalked plantain, Wild petunia, Blue vervain, Hoary vervain and False foxgloves
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