2019 Wisconsin Pollinator Newsletters

Spring + Pollinators04-21-2019   

• Protect Plants From Spring Frost
• Beekeepers' Corner
• Butterflies Are Disappearing
• Don't Pull That Dandelion
• Pussy Willow: Pollinator Favorite
• Those Darn Rabbits
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First Signs of Spring04-07-2019   

• Mulch Basics
• Beekeepers' Corner
• Trees That Help Pollinators
• Wisconsin Native Plant Nurseries
• Wisconsin Beekeeping Clubs
• Help Homeless Mason Bees
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2018 Wisconsin Pollinator Newsletters

Fall Preparation For Winter09-15-2018   

• Protect Tree & Shrubss From Winter
• Beekeepers' Corner
• Dividing Perennials
• Fall: A Great Time To Plant
• Leaf Shredders: Product Review
• Wisconsin Native Bumblebees
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Autumn Leaves: 7 Ways To Use Them09-01-2018   

• Autumn Leaves: 7 Ways To Use Them
• Beekeepers' Corner
• Tired of Mowing Your Lawn?
• Where Do Butterflies Go In Winter?
• Harebell: Short in Stature But Rugged In Your Garden
• New Pollinator Habitat Program Launches in 11 Midwest States
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Butterfly Metamorphosis: How It Works08-19-2018   

• Metamorphosis: How a Caterpillar Becomes a Butterfly
• Getting Ready For Fall: Fall Garden Planning
• Trout Lily: Early Spring Favorite
• Pollinator Refreshment Station
• Native Plants: Know Your Roots
• Enter To Win: Save the Bees t-shirt
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Gather Seeds From Wild Plants08-05-2018   

• Gather Seeds From Your Native Plants
• Wood Violets, Viola Odorata
• Fertilize Organically: Fish Emulsion
• Enter To Win: Save the Bees t-shirt
• Native Aquatic Plants
• Native Wild Plum: Prunus americana
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Let's Help Monarch Butterflies07-22-2018   

• How to Grow Milkweed From Cuttings
• Trees That Help Pollinators
• Netflix Honey Documentary: Hive Alive
• Enter To Win: Save the Bees t-shirt
• Wisconsin Native Plant Nurseries
• Pesticides Save for Pollinators
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Understanding Bee Nutrition07-08-2018   

• Enter To Win: Save the Bees t-shirt
• Bee Nutrition: Pollen
• Attracting Butterflies: Host versus Nectar Plants
• RoundUp: Is This A Good Choice for You?
• Wild Ones: Join A Chapter Now and Reap the Benefits
• Interactive Native Bee Identification Guide
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Identify Thoat Caterpillar 06-24-2018   

• Caterpillar Identification Guide
• Praying Mantis: Add them to you garden to get rid of insect pests
• Green Sweat Bee: The most common bee in your garden
• Nectar: The Sweet Story
• BeeSmart Pollinator Gardener phone app
• Enter To Win: Save the Bees t-shirt
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Join the Polli-NATION 06-10-2018   

• Monarch Butterfly Population Down 14.8%
• Help Restore Karner Blue Butterfly Population
• Robotic Bees Are Coming
• A Vaccine For Edible Plants Replacing Pesticides
• Purple Poppy Mallow: Ground Cover for Pollinators
• Wisconsin Beekeeping Clubs
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What Bees Reall Want 05-28-2018   

• How To Help Bumblebees
• Homeless Mason Bees
• Those Darn Rabbits
• Green Lacewings: The Aphid Killer
• Scientists Create Microparticles That Could Save Honey Bees
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Helping Pllinators This Spring 05-13-2018   

• NABA: American Butterflies Magazine
• Wild Ginger: Asarum canadense
• Vermiculture Composting: How To Get Started
• Lady Beetles -- Beneficial Garden Insect
• Don't Pull That Dandelion: Help the Bees. Read Full Text

Spring Has Arrived! 04-28-2018   

• Hummingbirds Are Returning
• Pussy Willow: A Pollinator Favorite
• Wings Magazine: Subscribe Now
• Mason Bees - The Pollination Workhorse
• Where were the Butterflies all winter? Read Full Text