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Wisconsin Native Plants Search Results

Amelanchier laevis

A small, deciduous, usually multi-trunked understory tree or tall shrub which is native to thickets, open woods, sheltered slopes and wood margins. Features showy, 5-petaled, slightly fragrant, white flowers in drooping clusters which appear in early spring before the leaves. Flowers give way to s . . .

Corylus americana

American Hazelnut or “Filbert” is an easy to grow native shrub that produces edible nuts in late summer. Able to thrive in a wide range of conditions, Corylus americana makes an excellent hedgerow plant, and is highly attractive to wildlife. Its deep green leaves turn to copper reds and yellows in autumn.

Carpinus caroliniana

American Hornbeam is a slow-growing, deciduous, small to medium-sized understory tree with an attractive globular form. It is typically found in rich moist woods, valleys, ravine bottoms and rocky slopes along streams. The smooth, gray trunk and larger branches of a mature tree exhibit a distincti . . .

Solidago odora

Anise Scented Goldenrod, Solidago odora, is an excellent choice in dry shade. Named for the licorice fragrance given off by the leaves when crushed, the dense spires of golden-yellow flowers provide a burst of late season color. Native to dry open woods of the eastern U.S. and central Midwest.
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