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Wisconsin Native Plants Search Results

Tilia americana

Basswood is a medium to large deciduous tree with an ovate-rounded crown. Trees are found in both dry upland areas as well as moist, low woods. When a tree is in full bloom, bees often visit in such abundant numbers that humming can be heard many feet from the tree.

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

The low growing shrub Bearberry grows naturally on sandy beaches and dry, open woodlands in sandy soil. The plants spread gradually by surface rhizomes to form a mat. Requires an acid soil with a pH between 4.0 and 6.0.

Penstemon grandiflorus

One of the showiest of all North American Penstemons, a mature Beardtongue plant can reach heights of 2 feet, producing a profusion of lavender trumpets that are a favorite nectar source for hummingbirds. This plant is endangered in some states and is not often seen in the wild.

Monarda fistulosa

The intricate lavender flowers of Bergamot attract a plethora of butterflies, and the strong stems are sometimes used by Indigo Buntings to build their nests. The fresh leaves can be used to brew a tasty, minty tea, and the seedheads are excellent in dried arrangements.
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