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Wisconsin Native Plants Search Results

Aster lateriflorus

Calico Aster (Aster lateriflorus) flowers for an extended period, often right up to the first frost. White blooms with striking maroon and yellow centers cover sturdy stems of this fine aster in autumn. Add Calico Aster to woodland edges and open woodlands for a burst of late season color!

Maianthemum canadense

Canada Mayflower is a common woodland spring wildflower, typically found growing in colonies of various sizes. Flowers are in a densely packed spike-like raceme at the top of the stem. Individual flowers are about 3/8 inch across with 4 white petals that drop off soon after blooming, and 4 thick c . . .

Astragalus canadensis

Pagoda-like towers of creamy yellow flowers rise above the dark green leaves in mid-summer, followed by scepters of bead-like seed pods in August. This striking member of the Pea family is an important food for birds, as it retains its seed late into the fall and early winter. Grows in a well-drained soil, reaching two to three feet tall.

Desmodium canadense

Showiest of all the Tick Trefoils, this plant is covered with bright purple pea-like flowers in the heat of mid-summer. A deep taproot makes this plant incredibly drought-resistant. A member of the Legume Family, it improves the soil by adding nitrogen, and the seeds are used by a variety of birds and other wildlife.
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