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Wisconsin Native Plants Search Results

Carex davisii

Davis Sedge is found in moist woods, wooded rich slopes, and along streams. Its grass-like leaves are up to 1/2" wide growing in 2.5 to 3 foot high clumps. It has seeds which are shaped like mini-footballs and held in loose ephemeral clusters.

Liatris spicata

Dense Blazingstar produces bold purple flower stalks late in the season after other blazingstars are finished. This clump-forming plant has a delicate tuft of grass-like foliage at its base from which one or more stalks will grow. The leaves become sparse as they move up the rigid stems. Commonly re . . .

Monarda punctata

The bright lavender flowers of the Dotted Mint are actually leafy bracts that surround the true flower. A multitude of butterflies visit Monarda punctata - a top nectar plant for the rare Karner Blue Butterfly. Dotted Mint is biennial and self-sows readily on open sandy soil.

Gentiana puberula

Long-lived perennial with deep roots and notoriously difficult to transplant. The cup-shaped flowers tend to close up on cloudy days.
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