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Wisconsin Native Plants Search Results

Amorpha fruticosa

False indigo is a deciduous shrub with a spread often in excess of its height. It is native to moist open woodland areas, floodplains, stream banks and swamp margins. It features ubular scented flowers in dense, spike-shaped clusters to 8" long. Flowers are followed by fruits in small, resinous- . . .

Antennaria neglecta

Also known as Yellow Gentian, it consists of a rosette of basal leaves, which sometimes produces an inflorescence on a short stalk during the spring. The basal leaves are up to 2" long and ½" across; they are oblanceolate, with smooth margins. There is a single prominent vein on the upper surface of . . .

Silene virginica

Fire Pink, Silene virginica, is a real woodland standout! The bright crimson to pink flowers can bloom for a month or longer. Native to rich woodlands and rocky slopes of the eastern and SE U.S., it requires a well-drained soil in light to medium shade. Short-lived, it will often self-sow in open soil.

Epilobium angustifolium

One of our showiest native wildflowers, the pink blossoms of Fireweed bloom from mid-summer up until the first frost. Named for its habit of appearing on recently burned areas, Fireweed creeps slowly by rhizomes to form a patch.
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