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Wisconsin Native Plants Search Results

Celtis occidentalis

Hackberry is a medium to large sized deciduous tree with upright-arching branching and a rounded spreading crown. Mature gray bark develops corky ridges and warty texture. Insignificant, mostly monoecious, greenish flowers appear in spring, with male flowers in clusters and female flowers solitary. . . .

Luzula acuminata

Harry Wood Rush a diminutive rush relative that grows in loose sod-like clumps. During early spring, plants in the vegetative state resemble grasses. Leaves are arranged in a rosette and are narrow and shiny with soft silvery hairs. Later in spring, rounded culms with scattered leaves rise from th . . .

Campanula rotundifolia

The deep blue flowers of Harebell dance on summer breezes and often bloom again in the fall up until the first hard frost. The nodding bell-shaped flowers hang on wispy thread-like stems that grow in clusters. Although demure in stature, Harebell is one tough cookie. Extremely drought tolerant, Camp . . .

Aster cordifolius

Bright blue flowers of the Heart Leaved Aster (Aster cordifolius) are borne above distinctive heart-shaped leaves in late summer. Plant with spring blooming flowers to provide extended color and interest in the woodland well into autumn. Creeps slowly by rootstocks to form a nice patch.
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