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Wisconsin Native Plants Search Results

Sorghastrum nutans

The silky, golden seedheads of Indian Grass impart a special beauty and drama to the prairie in autumn. Plant with Little Bluestem for a fabulous fall combination. This tall clumping grass makes a great companion for a wide range of prairie flowers - great as an accent and an excellent choice to replace ornamental cultivars.

Spigelia marilandica

Indian Pink is a stunning woodland plant, noted for its bright red tubular flowers with starry yellow tips. Its lovely foliage provides year-round interest. Native to the south-central and southeastern US. Provide it with rich soil, plenty of organic matter to hold nutrients and moisture, and you wi . . .

Vernonia fasciculata

The flowers of Ironweed are like crimson torches in the late summer prairie. Named for its tough stem, Ironweed has excellent posture and never slouches in the garden. A favorite for adding late season color to the landscape, Vernonia fasciculata is one of only a few red prairie flowers.
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