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Wisconsin Native Plants Search Results

Viola labradorica

The dark purple-green foliage of Labrador Violet serves as a perfect foil for the bright lavender blooms that cover the plant in late spring and summer. With good looks all season long Viola labradorica is perfect for planting between pavers and stepping stones and makes a good ground cover. Cardina . . .

Coreopsis lanceolata

The golden-yellow flowers of Lanceleaf Coreopsis bloom for weeks on end, creating a fantastic early summer display. Butterflies are regular visitors, and songbirds feed on the ripe seeds in late summer.

Agastache foeniculum

The crushed leaves of Lavender Hyssop, also known as Anise Hyssop, have a fragrance of mint and licorice. The bright purple flowers and textured foliage make this an excellent choice for sunny prairies, open oak woodlands, and savannas. This pollinator favorite and butterfly magnet is an excellent a . . .

Amorpha canescens

Leadplant exhibits a unique display of both foliage and flowers. Spikes of iridescent purple flowers appear atop the delicate silver-gray foliage in the heat of mid-summer. Extremely long-lived, this is one of the few true shrubs of the prairie. Leadplants deep taproot makes it extremely drought tolerant.
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