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Wisconsin Native Plants Search Results

Cassia fasciculata

One of the few annuals that grow on the prairie, Partridge Pea is often used in seed mixes to provide first year color. This plant is fairly tolerant of first year mowing maintenance, and the butter-yellow flowers will appear in mid to late summer.

Anaphalis margaritacea

A native wildflower over much of North America, valuable in the garden for its late summer display of white flowers. Plants form a bushy mound of silvery-grey leaves, bearing upright, branching heads of papery button flowers. Excellent cut flowers, either fresh or dried. Tolerates most soil conditions, drought tolerant once established.

Carex pensylvanica

A shade-loving perennial sedge that is native to thickets and dry woodland areas. It typically grows in loose colonies with a creeping habit. Roots are reddish brown. It is often found in areas with oak trees, hence the additional common name of oak sedge. This is a low sedge with soft, delicate, . . .

Antennaria plantaginifolia

Consists of a basal rosette of leaves and an erect stem bearing the inflorescence. The flowerheads are about ¼–½" long and a little less across; they have phyllaries (floral bracts) at their bases that are light green and hairy, otherwise they consist of white disk florets.
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