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Wisconsin Native Plants Search Results

Campanula americana

Here is a real showpiece of the woodland! Spikes of bright blue flowers rise from deep green basal leaves in mid-summer, much to the delight of visiting hummingbirds. Campanula americana, Tall Bellflower or American Bellflower, is easy to grow. This self-sowing biennial does best in partial to full shade in medium to moist soil.

Vernonia altissima

Showiest of the Ironweeds, Tall Ironweed offers brilliant red-pink flowers, held like torches atop the tall flower stalks. Butterflies cant resist the flowers, so expect some of your favorites to visit. Vernonia altissima is a great back border plant, as well as a focal point in the wet meadow.

Eupatorium fstulosum

Tall Joe Pye Weed (Eupatorium fistulosum) is a statuesque plant growing up to 8 and more. Butterflies flock to the flowers – the largest of the Eupatoriums. The whorls of textured leaves look great all season long.

Trillium grandiflorum

Native to rich woods and thickets of the midwest, northeast and southeast, Large Flowered Trillium is an easy plant to grow, but difficult to propagate from seed. This rhizomatous plant returns faithfully year after year and in optimal conditions will spread gradually, if left undisturbed.
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