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Wisconsin Native Plants Search Results

Tradescantia occidentalis

The hot pink flowers of Western Spiderwort add flash to the prairie garden or meadow. Tradescantia occidentalis is an excellent groundcover for poor soils, spreading by rhizomes to form colonies that squeeze out weeds and explode in a riot of color in early summer.

Helianthus occidentalis

Western Sunflower has elegant star-like flowers held aloft on leafless stalks two to three feet tall. The shortest of our native sunflowers, Helianthus occidentalis is perfect for small prairie gardens and meadows in dry soils. Blooms for an extended period in late summer. Birds love the seeds!

Eupatorium maculatum

A Butterfly Magnet, the extravagant Joe Pye Weed is crowned with clusters of bright pink flowers in late summer. Perfect for planting in damp soil in marshy areas, along streambanks, and on pond edges.

Actaea alba

White Dolls Eyes requires a rich soil with plenty of humus. Its bright white berries and lush foliage make this plant a woodland standout. This tough plant thrives under Black Walnut trees. Also called White Baneberry, the white berries persist for four to six weeks in late summer to early fall. Pla . . .
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