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Pale Beardtongue-Wisconsin Native Plamt

Penstemon pallidus

Pale Beardtongue

Benefits:    BUTTERFLIES
Height:    18 to 30 inches
Bloom Time:    May, June
Sun Shade:    Full Sun, Partial Sun
Zones:    3, 4, 5
Soil Conditions:    Loam
Soil Moisture:    Dry, Medium
Color:    White
Spacing:    1 foot
This plant is a native to a variety of habitats including dry or rocky open woods, glades, sandy soils on prairies, bluffs, rocky cliffs, abandoned fields and along railroads.

Plant Care and Notes:

  Plants have tolerance for drought, summer heat and humidity.

  Plants in cold winter climates often benefit from a loose winter mulch.

  Plants may be cut back to basal foliage after flowering to improve appearance.