Dandelion Oil for Chapped Hands Recipe

Fresh dandelions, however, contain quite a lot of water which is not good for the oil as it can get sludgy. So collect the flowers on a sunny day and set them on the sun for 24 hours before soaking them in oil. After 24 hours you add them to the 500 ml jar and pour over the oil. I covered them with canvas so it can breathe but also let some water evaporate and keep them in the warm, sun for 2 weeks.

The dandelion infused oil is suitable for lubrication of painful joints, muscles, rashes, insect bites, cracked hands (ideal for those who work in the garden) or lips. Keep your Infused Oil in a cool, dark place. Most infused oils will last for a year or perhaps even longer if stored correctly

Dandelion Oil for chapped hands

Fresh or dry dandelion blossoms
2 cups vegetable oil of organic quality (olive, coconut, almond, primrose, etc)

1. Fill a 2-cup jar full of dandelion blossoms.

2. Fill the jar with a carrier oil of your choice.

3. Cover the jar with canvas so it can breathe and keep it in a warm place for 2 weeks.

4. ´╗┐After 2 weeks, thoroughly strain the oil with a soft cloth to get rid of all the petals and get only pure oil with herbaceous substances.

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