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Red-spotted Purple Butterfly

Red-spotted Purple

Limenitis arthemis astyanax
Above, the Red-spotted Purple is mainly a black butterfly with iridescent blue, that is most impressive in fresh specimens and good light, where the red spots that are obvious from below can sometimes be seen. This butterfly is a mimic of the Pipevine Swallowtail and as such looks like a miniature swallowtail, but with no tail. There are a few white spots near the a. . . [more]
Viceroy Butterfly


Limenitis archippus
Essentially the same above and below the Viceroy is an orange butterfly with heavy black veins, including one through the middle of the hind wings, and has white spots in the black margins of the wings.
White Admiral Butterfly

White Admiral

Limenitis arthemis arthemis
Above, the White Admiral is black with wide, white stripes through the middle of both wings, red and blue submarginal spots, and a few white spots near the apex. Below, this butterfly is very similar to the upper surface, with the wide white band through the center of both wings being the most easily seen characteristic.
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