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American Copper Butterfly

American Copper

Lycaena phlaeas
The forewing above is orange with black spots and a grayish-black border. The hind wing above is mainly dark gray with an orange border. Below, the front wing is similar to the upper surface but a lighter shade of orange, while the hind wing below is a much lighter shade of gray, with black dots throughout and a zigzag submarginal line.
Bog Copper Butterfly

Bog Copper

Lycaena epixanthe
The male is brown above, with a purplish sheen on fresh specimens, a larger spot in the middle of the upper wing, and several smaller spots. The female has many more spots, and the spots are usually all similar in size. Below, the ground color is pale, with a reddish submarginal zigzag pattern on the hind wing.
Bronze Copper Butterfly

Bronze Copper

Lycaena hyllus
The upper surfaces of the male and females of this species are different. The male is mainly brownish, with a hint of purple that is best observed in fresh specimens. The hind wing margins of both the male and the females have orange bands. The female differs in that the upper forewing has a copper-colored area with more obvious dark spots than the male. Below, th. . . [more]
Dorcas Copper Butterfly

Dorcas Copper

Lycaena dorcas
Above, the wings are dark brown with a purplish sheen on the male, black spots, and an orange submarginal line on the hindwing that is much less developed than in the Purplish Copper with the orange somewhat less extensive in the males. Below this species is variable in coloration, but is often more orange-brown on the forewing and lighter on the hindwing, with a th. . . [more]
Gray Copper Butterfly

Gray Copper

Lycaena diane
The upper surfaces of the wings are mainly a grayish brown with a few black spots. Females have a distinctive orange band on the hindwing margin and have more black spots. This band is much reduced to nonexistent in the male. Underneath, the wing is a whitish gray with black spots throughout with a small orange band on the hind wing margin.
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