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Hackberry Emperor Butterfly

Hackberry Emperor

Asterocampa celtis
Above, the Hackberry Emperor varies from a grayish to orange brown background color with darker tips and a variety of distinct white spots. The front wing has one or two spots in the submargin and one cell bar in the front wing is broken. Below, this species is light brown and somewhat resembles the Satyrs, with a very distinct row of eyespots.
Tawny Emperor Butterfly

Tawny Emperor

Asterocampa clyton
An orange brown background color, very similar to the Hackberry Emperor. The Tawny is best described by how it differs from the Hackberry Emperor, the more common of the two species in Wisconsin. The Tawny Emperor lacks the distinct submarginal spot above, and one cell bar in the front wing is broken. Beneath, the Tawny Emperor has a row of eyespots, but these spots. . . [more]
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