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Aphrodite Fritillary Butterfly

Aphrodite Fritillary

Speyeria aphrodite
Above, the Aphrodite Fritillary is orange with a variety of black markings. Below, this species is somewhat variable in Wisconsin, but is orange with many silvery spots. In some Aphrodite Fritillaries the hindwing is very dark and has almost no discernible light submarginal band, whereas other individuals may have a distinct light submarginal band like the Atlantis . . . [more]
Atlantis Fritillary Butterfly

Atlantis Fritillary

Speyeria atlantis
Above, the Atlantis Fritillary is orange with a variety of black markings. The wing margins are almost completely black, and the males have darkened veins on the front wing giving this species a much darker look than other large Fritillaries. Below, there is a distinct lighter submarginal band that doesn’t extend as wide as the two rows of silvery spots.
Bog Fritillary Butterfly

Bog Fritillary

Boloria eunomia
The Bog Fritillary is one of the six lesser fritillaries in Wisconsin. The upper wings on all these smaller species are black and orange, but the Bog Fritillary is very dark, having thicker, black lines and darker scaling throughout, but somewhat lighter spots on the back wing. Underneath, the row of white, submarginal spots is distinctive.
Freija Fritillary Butterfly

Freija Fritillary

Boloria freija
Above, the Freija Fritillary is orange with various black markings, with very dark areas near the body. The color below is mainly tawny with distinct white horizontal spots on the wing margins and a very obvious median line of white crescents capped with black on the hind wing, giving the appearance of very zigzagy lines.
Frigga Fritillary Butterfly

Frigga Fritillary

Boloria frigga
The Frigga Fritillary above is very similar to the other lesser fritillaries, with an orange background with a variety of black spots. It is noticeably darker nearer the body, especially on the hind wing. Below, it has a purplish hoariness over the outer half of the hindwing, similar to the Meadow Fritillary, with distinct white spots in the middle of the hindwing a. . . [more]
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