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Acadian Hairstreak Butterfly

Acadian Hairstreak

Satyrium acadica
The Acadian Hairstreak is slightly larger than Edward’s and Banded Hairstreaks. It is light gray underneath, with with a conspicuous submarginal row of orange on the hindwing below that continues over the blue tail spot. A postmedian row of round black spots is very conspicuous on the light background of both wings. The hind wings have obvious tails.
Brown Elfin Butterfly

Brown Elfin

Callaphrys augustinus
Similar in size and shape to the other state Hairstreaks and Elfins. Below it is a darker brown towards the body and lighter reddish brown marginally. No tails.
Coral Hairstreak Butterfly

Coral Hairstreak

Satyrium titus
Above, this species is brownish-gray with no tail. Below, it is characterized by the lack of a tail, a very pronounced coral band on the outer margin and a variety of black spots and dashes that are all bordered by white. Male and females are essentially alike.
Early Hairstreak Butterfly

Early Hairstreak

Erora laeta
A small Hairstreak, with blue on the upper surface of the wings, especially in the female. Below, the wings have a light green tint with bright, reddish-orange postmedian lines on both wings.
Eastern Pine Elfin Butterfly

Eastern Pine Elfin

Callaphrys niphon
Below this species is mainly brown but with a boldly patterned hindwing with a white-lined postmedian line with a lighter grayish area to the outside of this line and then a jagged row of connected inward pointing darker Vs. Both wings have checkered margins. The forewing below has dark bars in the cell.
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