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Edwards Hairstreak Butterfly

Edwards Hairstreak

Satyrium edwardsii
Below, the Edwards’ Hairstreak is brownish gray, with a row of darker ovals on the front wing, not connected into a band, and ringed with white. On the back wing, there is a row of submarginal orange crescents, not as prominent as in the Coral or Acadian Hairstreaks, interrupted by a blue spot not ringed with orange, and an obvious tail.
Frosted Elfin Butterfly

Frosted Elfin

Callaphrys irus
The Frosted Elfin is reddish-brown color below, with little or no white on the postmedian line and little difference between the ground color of the inner and outer hindwing. Like the Henry’s Elfin this species has a frosted area on the outer edge of the hindwing but, unlike the Henry’s Elfin, it often has a dark spot near the tail. On the forewing, the postmedian l. . . [more]
Gray Hairstreak Butterfly

Gray Hairstreak

Strymon melinus
Below, the Gray Hairstreak has a very gray background color, two orange spots capped with black on the hindwing, and a postmedian line on the hindwing that is tri-colored, with red, black, and white bands from the inside to the outside of the wing. Although other Hairstreaks in Wisconsin rarely land with their wings open, the Gray Hairstreak is an exception and will. . . [more]
Henrys Elfin Butterfly

Henrys Elfin

Callaphrys henrici
The Henry’s Elfin is reddish-brown color, lighter towards the margins and much darker on the hindwing below. In fresh individuals the outer margin of the hindwing has an obvious frosted area that occupies about two-thirds of the margin, and contrasts greatly with the dark inner half of the wing. These two areas are separated by a postmedian line that may be white th. . . [more]
Hickory Hairstreak Butterfly

Hickory Hairstreak

Satyrium caryaevarum
This species is similar in size to the other Wisconsin Hairstreaks. Below, the postmedian band is wide and offset, with white on both edges of the bands, and a blue spot that extends to the postmedian band on the hindwing.
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