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Arctic Skipper Butterfly

Arctic Skipper

Carterocephalus palaemon
A small, distinctive skipper. Above, this species is dark brown with many scattered orange spots. Below, this species superficially resembles a miniature fritillary, with a brownish-orange base with fairly large white spots.
Arogas Skipper Butterfly

Arogas Skipper

Altrytone arogas
Below, this skipper is yellowish orange with whitened veins and white fringe. Above, the male has a large open orange area with no stigma and a dark margin. The female is similar, with a dark mark in the middle of the orange area where the stigma of the male would be, and a wider black margin.
Black Dash Butterfly

Black Dash

Euphyes conspicua
Below, this species is brownish-red with a light but obvious spot band with two of the dashes slightly longer than the others. Above, the male has a black border on the forewing, with most of the wing a bright orange with a prominent two-part stigma. The hindwing has a pattern that mirrors the pattern on the wing below. The female from above has a darker orange on . . . [more]
Broad-winged Skipper Butterfly

Broad-winged Skipper

Poanes viator
Below, this species has a single light stripe in the middle of the hindwing, with a single spot above the stripe and several, often obscure light spots below it. Above, the male lacks a stigma on the forewing and the pattern is very similar to the pattern of the female Long Dash. These spots on the male are orange, while the female has white spots. The hindwing from. . . [more]
Byssus Skipper Butterfly

Byssus Skipper

Problema byssus
Below, the male of this species is variable, but ranges from a very bright yellowish-orange to a somewhat darker orange, with a darker margin, occasionally with an obvious lighter area in the middle of the hindwing, and a white fringe. The female from below is much darker, and often is nearly brown with a very obvious spot band in the hindwing with all the spots of . . . [more]
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