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Cabbage White Butterfly

Cabbage White

Pieris rapae
A plain white butterfly with a solid, black front wing tip, and with either one spot (male) or two spots (female) on the front wing. The hind wing beneath is pale yellow.
Checkered White Butterfly

Checkered White

Pontia protodice
White butterfly with extensive black or brown markings. The female has much more extensive markings. Like the Mustard White, this species has a spring form that has dark, greenish veins beneath.
Falcate Orantetip Butterfly

Falcate Orantetip

Anthocharis midea
Small, white butterfly, 1.5" — 1.75" wingspan, with a small black dot in the front wing above and very small black dots at the margins of the wings. The male is very noticeable, with orange-tipped forewings above. Below, the sexes are similar, with a very fine greenish marbling.
Mustard White Butterfly

Mustard White

Pieris napi
Above, this species is a plain white butterfly with no dark spots. Below, the summer form is solid white, but the spring form has darked veins beneath and often has a yellowish tinge to the hindwing and forewing tip.
Olympia Marble Butterfly

Olympia Marble

Euchloe olympia
A small, 1.25 inch wingspan, white butterfly with few dark spots on the upper wings, and a very distinctive yellow-green marbling on the under wings.
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