Dark Striped Bees

Andrena spp, Colletes spp, Lasioglossum spp, Halictus spp
Dark Striped Bee, Andrena spp, Colletes spp, Lasioglossum spp, Halictus spp

This is a large group of bees from 4 different genera that are often difficult to distinguished from each other. They are mostly solitary.

Dark Striped Bee
Habitat: Generalists and Specialists
Development: Complete metamorphosis
Food: Herbivore
Flight Period: Variable. Long and short-lived species
Description: Thin, yellow or white stripes of hair on a black abdomen. Dark bodies, some are slightly metallic.
Length: 18 - 17 mm
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Benefits of Pollen to Bees

The bee's basic nutritional requirements are similar to those of humans; they need proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, fats/lipids, vitamins, and water. Learn More!

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Wild bees need our help. Many populations are declining due to habitat loss, disease and pesticide poisoning. Each of us can create habitat to support local bee populations.

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