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2023 Wisconsin Beekeeping Classes

Classroom Instruction

Classroom beekeeping classes are normally scheduled in the first half of the year. Check back in late December for 2024 classes.
Schedule of Classes

Online Classes

Online beekeeping classes help you learn about bee biology, behavior, and management through science and practice. You'll learn everything from how to start a beehive and beekeeping tactics to what equipment you need to sustain your bees. The first 3 listings are our favorites.

  Perfect Bee

  Beekeeping 101: PennState Extension

  Beekeeping Made Easy: Discover Beekeeping

  Bee and Bloom

  University of Wisconsin Eau Claire


  Long Lane Honeybee Farms

  University of Montana

  >HoneyBees Online

  Beekeeping in Wisconsin (YouTube)

Why Take A Beekeeping Class?

  Both classroom and on-line classes are available
  Learn how to set up your hive the correct way.
  Discover what tools you need and how to use them.
  Understand the different types of honey bees.
  Learn the parts of a hive, and the terminology.
  Learn about the diseases affecting bees
  Answers to questions you haven't thought to ask.

Consider signing up for a beekeeping class so you can move your hive management skills to the next level!

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