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Wisconsin Native Bees - - Welcome!

Wisconsin bees provides a resource for native been idenfitcation, images and detailed profiles. That buzz you hear in the garden are native bees pollinating our Wisconsin flowers and plants. About 60% of all the food you place on your table is the result of pollination. Get to know these workhorses.

Planting to attract bees. Use local native plants. Research shows native plants are four times more attractive to native bees and butterflies than exotics. In gardens, heirloom varieties of herbs and perennials also provide good foraging.

Choose several colors of flowers of differing heights. Native bees are particularly attracted to blue, purple, violet, white and yellow blooms. Plant flowers in clumps. Clusters of flowers attract more pollinators than individual blossoms. Clumps four feet or more in diameter are particularly attractive to bees.

Include flowers of different shapes. Wisconsin bees have different sizes, different body shapes, different tongue lengths and consequently choose different shaped flowers. Variety will attract a greater mix of species.

Building to attract a buzz. About 70 percent of our Wisconsin bees live in the ground in old tunnels, snags or similar locations, but they will adapt to manmade structures or enhanced nesting spots if the site is a comfortable fit. Here are some simple projects you can do. Here is a simple project you can do to provide Wisconsin bee nesting habitat.


Find a beekeeping club in your area. Joining a beekeeping club is a great way to learn more about bees and beekeeping. It is extremely useful to join a local beekeeping group and meet experienced beekeepers.

Trees That Attract Bees for Pollination TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Take the Bee Quiz

Take this quick quiz and see how much you know about bees—our favorite essential pollinators working around the world. This quiz is intended for fun, in a random-facts-can-be-cool kind of way.


Mason bees are the most effective pollinators. Just two or three females can pollinate a mature apple tree! Encourage Mason Bees in your garden by building a Mason Bee House or order online.