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Compton Tortoiseshell Butterfly

Compton Tortoiseshell

Nymphalis vaualbum
Although found throughout the state, the Compton Tortoiseshell is more common in the northern counties.
Eastern Comma Butterfly

Eastern Comma

Polygonia comma
Above, this species is very similar to the other commas, with a lot of orange, dark wing margins, and various black spots. The forewing dot closest to the trailing edge often has a noticeable faint dot just above it; this dot is occasionally very obvious. There is also a distinct dark spot in the middle of the hindwing. Below, this species is usually heavily banded. . . [more]
Gorgone Checkerspot Butterfly

Gorgone Checkerspot

Chlosyne gorgone
Above, this species is orange and black, with the orange postmedian band on the hindwing completely surrounded with black and with dark marks in the middle of most of the cells. The median band is very distinct on both pairs of wings and makes an obvious letter C from the side. They also usually have some white crescents apparent in the wing margins. Below, this spe. . . [more]
Gray Comma Butterfly

Gray Comma

Polygonia progne
Above, the wings are orange with black margins and black dots, and a row of lighter spots in the margin of the hindwing. The dot nearest the trailing edge of the upper wing usually does not have any faint spot above it. Like the Eastern Comma, the Gray Comma has two seasonal forms, with the summer form being much darker on the hindwing. Below, the silvery comma is . . . [more]
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