Wisconsin Native Butterflies

Satyrium acadica

The Acadian Hairstreak is slightly larger than Edward’s and Banded Hairstreaks. It is light gray underneath, with with a conspicuous submarginal row of orange on the hindwing below that continues over. . . [more]

Lycaena phlaeas

The forewing above is orange with black spots and a grayish-black border. The hind wing above is mainly dark gray with an orange border. Below, the front wing is similar to the upper surface but a lig. . . [more]

Vanessa virginiensis

Above, the American Lady is an orange butterfly, with a black apex with white spots in the forewing, and thin dark lines in the forewing. Below, this species has cobweb-like white lines on a dark back. . . [more]

Libytheana carinenta

The most distinguishing characteristic is the extra long palpi that resemble a snout. The sexes are essentially the same with the upper surface somewhat brownish with central orange splotches on both . . . [more]
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