Wisconsin Native Butterflies

Euphydryas phaeton

A black butterfly with a row of orange spots on the margins of both wings, several rows of white submarginal spots, and a few orange and white spots nearer the body. Below this is the only one of the . . . [more]

Euphyes conspicua

Below, this species is brownish-red with a light but obvious spot band with two of the dashes slightly longer than the others. Above, the male has a black border on the forewing, with most of the wing. . . [more]

Papilio polyxenes

Above: Black, with twin rows of yellowish spots on each wing. These markings are best defined in the male. Below: two rows of orange spots, and a yellow/orange hindwing cell spot, just to the inside o. . . [more]

Lycaena epixanthe

The male is brown above, with a purplish sheen on fresh specimens, a larger spot in the middle of the upper wing, and several smaller spots. The female has many more spots, and the spots are usually a. . . [more]
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