Wisconsin Native Butterflies

Pieris rapae

A plain white butterfly with a solid, black front wing tip, and with either one spot (male) or two spots (female) on the front wing. The hind wing beneath is pale yellow.

Nymphalis californica

Above, an orange butterfly, with wide black margins and a few small black spots on the forewings. Below, this species is brownish/gray and is similar to many of the commas, but lacks the silvery spot . . . [more]

Papilio canadensis

Above: bright yellow with broad black stripes; females are nearly identical to the males. Below: similar to the top side, mainly yellow background with bold black stripes.

Pontia protodice

White butterfly with extensive black or brown markings. The female has much more extensive markings. Like the Mustard White, this species has a spring form that has dark, greenish veins beneath.
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