Wisconsin Native Butterflies

Nathalis iole

A small Sulphur, yellow above with a dark border on the front wing apex, similar to many of the other Sulphurs, and a dark bar on the trailing edge of the front wing. Below, the butterfly may be mostl. . . [more]

Anatrylone logan

Above, this skipper is a very bright orange with black margins. The male has no stigma, but does have a black mark at the end of the cell. There is usually some darkening of the veins at least on the . . . [more]

Euphyes dion

Below, this skipper is a dark orange with two lighter dashes on the hindwing, one in the middle of its wing that does not go all the way to the wing margin and one at the bottom or leading edge of the. . . [more]

Lycaena dorcas

Above, the wings are dark brown with a purplish sheen on the male, black spots, and an orange submarginal line on the hindwing that is much less developed than in the Purplish Copper with the orange s. . . [more]
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