Wisconsin Native Butterflies

Erora laeta

A small Hairstreak, with blue on the upper surface of the wings, especially in the female. Below, the wings have a light green tint with bright, reddish-orange postmedian lines on both wings.

Polygonia comma

Above, this species is very similar to the other commas, with a lot of orange, dark wing margins, and various black spots. The forewing dot closest to the trailing edge often has a noticeable faint do. . . [more]

Callaphrys niphon

Below this species is mainly brown but with a boldly patterned hindwing with a white-lined postmedian line with a lighter grayish area to the outside of this line and then a jagged row of connected in. . . [more]

Everes comyntas

Above, the male is blue with a black border, an obvious tail, and an orange spot or two near the tail. The female is essentially the same below, but is black, not blue, above (see second photo). Below. . . [more]
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