Wisconsin Native Butterflies

Anthocharis midea

Small, white butterfly, 1.5" — 1.75" wingspan, with a small black dot in the front wing above and very small black dots at the margins of the wings. The male is very noticeable, with orange-tipped for. . . [more]

Hylephila phyleus

Below, the male of this skipper is a very bright orange skipper with a dark spots. The female is similar but with larger, more conspicuous spots. Above, the male is orange with a very jagged black mar. . . [more]

Boloria freija

Above, the Freija Fritillary is orange with various black markings, with very dark areas near the body. The color below is mainly tawny with distinct white horizontal spots on the wing margins and a v. . . [more]

Boloria frigga

The Frigga Fritillary above is very similar to the other lesser fritillaries, with an orange background with a variety of black spots. It is noticeably darker nearer the body, especially on the hind w. . . [more]
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