Wisconsin Native Butterflies

Papilio cresphontes

Above: The largest Wisconsin butterfly with a wingspan that sometimes exceeds 5 inches. The upper wings are brownish with two bold yellow lines of spots that cross near the apex of the front wing, for. . . [more]

Strymon melinus

Below, the Gray Hairstreak has a very gray background color, two orange spots capped with black on the hindwing, and a postmedian line on the hindwing that is tri-colored, with red, black, and white b. . . [more]

Anaea andria

The wing of the Goatweed Leafwing is distinctively shaped, with a very downward curved tip of the upper wing and a small tail on the hind wing. The color of the male is a uniform orange/copper with fe. . . [more]

Speyeria cybele

Above, this species is orange with a variety of black markings, but is noticeably darker near the body, especially in fresh individuals. Below, this species is easily identified by the wide, light ban. . . [more]
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