Wisconsin Native Butterflies

Asterocampa celtis

Above, the Hackberry Emperor varies from a grayish to orange brown background color with darker tips and a variety of distinct white spots. The front wing has one or two spots in the submargin and one. . . [more]

Satyrium caryaevarum

This species is similar in size to the other Wisconsin Hairstreaks. Below, the postmedian band is wide and offset, with white on both edges of the bands, and a blue spot that extends to the postmedian. . . [more]

Chlosyne harrisii

Above, this species is very similar to the other Checkerspots and Crescents, with a basic orange base with black markings. The general form that is shown in most eastern butterfly books shows the uppe. . . [more]

Achalarus lyciades

Above, the Hoary Edge is a brown skipper with yellow spots in the middle of the forewing, separated by the brown wing color. Below, the hindwing has a white patch on the wing margin.
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