Wisconsin Native Butterflies

Phoebis agarithe

A large sulphur that is orange above and with a diagonal line on the forewing.

Ancloxypha numitor

A small orange and black skipper. Below, this skipper is a solid orange with somewhat lightened veins. Above, the Least Skipper is orange with a variable amount of black, sometimes even nearly all bla. . . [more]

Hesperia leonardus

Below, this species is orange with a reddish tinge that seems to highlight the lighter spots, especially in fresh individuals. Above, the males are orange with a wide black margin and a stigma through. . . [more]

Pompeius verna

This is mainly a dark skipper both above and below. From below, very fresh individuals appear somewhat reddish brown with a very faint spot band on the hindwing. From above, the female has a large, ne. . . [more]
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