Wisconsin Native Butterflies

Strymon istapa

The Mallow Scrub-Hairstreak is a small, light gray Hairstreak with one small tail, two black dots on the wings margin below, the largest and most conspicuous one near the tail, and prominent black pos. . . [more]

Leptotes marina

Below both wings of the Marine Blue have bands of pale brown separated by bands of white. The species has no tail, but has two dark submarginal spots.

Boloria bellona

Above, this species is completely orange with black markings. Below the hindwing is very distinctive with a light, purplish hoariness over the outer half of this wing. Usually there are no distinct li. . . [more]

Eurema mexicana

Above, it is yellow to cream, less than two inches in wingspan, with a dark border that is similar to the border of the Southern Dogface but with the snout of the “dog” replaced by what resembles a be. . . [more]
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