Wisconsin Native Butterflies

Lycaeides idas

In Wisconsin this species could be confused with the ‘Karner’ Melissa Blue, but the ranges of these species do not overlap and they are not found in the same habitat. The Karner Blue is found close to. . . [more]

Wallengrenia egeremet

From below this is mainly a dark brown skipper, but fresh individuals may show a slight reddish tinge, with a variable, light spot-band. Above, the male has some orange on the leading edge and a stigm. . . [more]

Thorybes pylades

Above, this species is a basically brown skipper, with 3-4 small, misaligned subapical white spots. There are several other white spots near the middle of the forewing leading edge, and 1-2 other tiny. . . [more]

Phyciodes selenis

Above, the species is black along the margins of the wings, with a row of thin submarginal crescents that may or may not be noticeable. The rest of the wing is basically orange with a variety of varia. . . [more]
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