Wisconsin Native Butterflies

Euchloe olympia

A small, 1.25 inch wingspan, white butterfly with few dark spots on the upper wings, and a very distinctive yellow-green marbling on the under wings.

Phoebis philea

This is the largest Sulphur encountered in Wisconsin; its wingspan can reach up to 4 inches. Both male and female butterflies are yellow above with an orange bar covering at least a third of the hindw. . . [more]

Colias eurytheme

Above, the wings are yellow with various amounts of orange scaling, with black marginal borders. The orange is very evident in flight. The males have a solid black border, while the females have yello. . . [more]

Hesperia ottoe

Above, the male of this species is orange with black margins and a dark stigma in the center of the wing. The female is darker and has variable light spots. Below, this species is mainly a light yello. . . [more]
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