Wisconsin Native Butterflies

Vanessa cardui

Above, the Painted Lady is an orange butterfly, with a black apex with white spots in the forewing, and thick dark lines in the forewing. Below, this species has four small circular spots on the hindw. . . [more]

Colias interior

Above, the wings are yellow with black marginal borders. The males have a solid black border and look very much like the Clouded Sulphur, while the females have a much-reduced border on the forewing a. . . [more]

Phyciodes tharos

Above, the species is black along the margins of the wings with a row of thin submarginal crescents that may or may not be noticeable. The rest of the wing is basically orange with a variety of variab. . . [more]

Battus philenor

Above: black, with a strong blue-green iridescence, more pronounced in the male, and a row of white, submarginal spots on both wings. Below: very distinct submarginal row of orange spots, ringed with . . . [more]
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