Wisconsin Native Butterflies

Polites peckus

Below, this species has conspicuous light spots towards the body and a median spot band with the central spots somewhat longer than the others. Sometimes the spots towards the body are somewhat connec. . . [more]

Oarisma poweshiek

This is a small skipper, dark brown above with some light orange along the wing margins and a lighter orange head. Below, this species is orange with very prominent whitened veins as its most distingu. . . [more]

Amblyscirtes hegon

Below, it is a reddish-brown skipper with a gray dusting that obscures a light spot band and makes it appear somewhat white. The fringe is obviously checkered, especially on the forewing. Above, it ha. . . [more]

Lycaena helloides

Fresh, male specimens of this species show a purplish sheen over a mostly brownish background, with black spots and a black border. Males have an orange zigzag pattern on the hind wing margin, while f. . . [more]
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