Wisconsin Native Butterflies

Hemiargus isola

Above, the male is mostly blue with a thin black margin and usually shows one or two dark spots near the trailing edge. The female is much darker but with some blue usually showing nearer the body. Be. . . [more]

Vanessa atalanta

Above, this species is a black butterfly with white subapical spots and characteristic red bands, one in the middle of the forewing and one on the margin of the hindwing. Below, the forewing is simila. . . [more]

Erebia discoidalis

Below, this butterfly is a brownish butterfly, with many grayish white scales toward the wing margins that are similar to the light scaling on the Dusted Skipper, but which look quite different on thi. . . [more]

Limenitis arthemis astyanax

Above, the Red-spotted Purple is mainly a black butterfly with iridescent blue, that is most impressive in fresh specimens and good light, where the red spots that are obvious from below can sometimes. . . [more]
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