Wisconsin Native Butterflies

Atalopedes campestis

Above, the upper wing of the male is yellowish with a dark border and a very prominent rectangular shaped stigma. The female from above is also yellowish, with more black than the male, and two large . . . [more]

Polygonia satyrus

Above, this butterfly is orange with a variety of dark spots including one dark spot in the middle of the hindwing. The hindwing has a light margin, an obvious dark submarginal line, a lighter nearly . . . [more]

Boloria selene

Above, this species is orange with black spots and a light, silver-colored border on both the upper and the hindwing. Below, on the hindwing, this species has a reddish-orange color with a row of whit. . . [more]

Epargyreus clarus

The Silver-spotted Skipper is Wisconsin’s largest skipper. It is essentially a brown butterfly with a few white spots on the forewing above and an orangish band that cuts through the middle of the win. . . [more]
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