Wisconsin Native Butterflies

Phyciodes batesii

Above, both males and females are very much like the female Pearl and Northern Crescents, and usually are just slightly darker looking because of the larger amount of black markings. Below, the males . . . [more]

Polites themistocles

Below, this skipper is somewhat variable, and the typical fresh specimen is somewhat buff colored, with a very contrasting orange on the forewing and usually without a spot band on the hindwing. More . . . [more]

Asterocampa clyton

An orange brown background color, very similar to the Hackberry Emperor. The Tawny is best described by how it differs from the Hackberry Emperor, the more common of the two species in Wisconsin. The . . . [more]

Euphyes bimacula

Below, this species has a bright orange head and orange on the leading edge of the wings that blends into a brownish gray color towards the trailing edge of the wing. The wing veins are somewhat promi. . . [more]
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