Wisconsin Native Butterflies

Pieris virginiensis

Above, this butterfly is plain white butterfly with no dark spots. Below, it has light gray, somewhat diffuse, scaling of the veins beneath, and no yellow tinge to the hindwing below.

Limenitis arthemis arthemis

Above, the White Admiral is black with wide, white stripes through the middle of both wings, red and blue submarginal spots, and a few white spots near the apex. Below, this butterfly is very similar . . . [more]

Callaphrys eryphon

Below, this species is mainly brown but with a boldly patterned hindwing with a white-lined postmedian line and a jagged row of connected inward pointing darker V’s that are very pointed and often cap. . . [more]

Parrhasius m-album

Like many of the other Gossamer-wing butterflies, the White M Hairstreak rarely rests with its wings open, but during flight shows a very bright iridescent blue color. Underneath the White M Hairstrea. . . [more]
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