Caterpillar Identification Guide

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Caterpillar for American Lady Butterfly

Common Name: American Lady

Genus: Vanessa
Species: virginiensis
Group: Brushfoots
Host Plants: Sweet everlasting, Pearly everlasting, Plantain-leaved pussy toes, and Ironweed

Caterpillar for Viceroy Butterfly

Common Name: Viceroy

Genus: Limenitis
Species: archippus
Group: Admirals
Host Plants: Trees in the willow family including Willows, and Poplars and Cottonwoods.

Caterpillar for Painted Lady Butterfly

Common Name: Painted Lady

Genus: Vanessa
Species: cardui
Group: Brushfoots
Host Plant: Favorites include Prairie thistle and Swamp thistle. Others include Asters, Boneset, Joe pye weed, Sneezeweed, Sunflowers, Liatris, Black eyed susan, Cup plant and Compass plant, Goldenrods, Milk vetch, Prairie clover, and Wild lupine.

Caterpillar for Monarch Butterfly

Common Name: Monarch

Genus: Danaus
Species: plexippus
Group: Monarchs
Host Plant: Milkweeds including Common milkweed, Swamp milkweed, Poke milkweed, Purple milkweed, Butterfly milkweed, Prairie milkweed, Whorled milkweed and Short green milkweed.