Caterpillar Identification Guide

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Caterpillar for Canadian Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Common Name: Canadian Tiger Swallowtail

Genus: Papilio
Species: canadensis
Group: Swallowtails
Host Plant: Leaves of various plants including Wild cherry, Birch , Aspen, and possibly American mountain ash and Showy mountain ash.

Caterpillar for Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly

Common Name: Cloudless Sulphur

Genus: Phoebis
Species: sennae
Group: Sulphurs
Host Plant: Their host plants are Cassia/Senna plants in the pea family.

Caterpillar for Question Mark Butterfly

Common Name: Question Mark

Genus: Polygonia
Species: interrogationis
Group: Brushfoots
Host Plant: The American Elm Red Elm, Hackberry, Japanese Hop, Nettles and False Nettles.

Caterpillar for Silver-Spotted Skipper Butterfly

Common Name: Silver-Spotted Skipper

Genus: Epargyreus
Species: clarus
Group: Skippers
Host Plant: Black Locust.