Caterpillar Identification Guide

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Common Name: Common Buckeye

Genus: Junonia
Species: coenia
Group: Brushfoots
Host Plant: Blue toadflax, American plantain, Black seeded plantain or Red stalked plantain, Wild petunia, Blue vervain, Hoary vervain and False foxgloves.

Caterpillar for Queen Butterfly

Common Name: Queen

Genus: Danaus
Species: gilippus
Group: Monarchs
Host Plant: Red Milkweed, Butterfly Weed.

Caterpillar for Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly

Common Name: Baltimore Checkerspot

Genus: Euphydryas
Species: phaeton
Group: Brushfoots
Host Plant: Hosts before hibernating are Turtlehead, Hairy beardtongue and False foxglove. After overwintering, caterpillars will use these plants, but may also wander and feed on unrelated plants including Arrowwood, Canadian lousewort or Wood betony, and White ash.

Caterpillar for Mourning Cloak Butterfly

Common Name: Mourning Cloak

Genus: Nymphalis
Species: antiopa
Group: Brushfoots
Host Plant: Willows including Black willow, and Silky willow; also American elm, Cottonwood, Aspen, Paper birch, and Hackberry.