Caterpillar Identification Guide

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Caterpillar for Eastern Comma Butterfly

Common Name: Eastern Comma

Genus: Polygonia
Species: comma
Group: Brushfoots
Host Plant: All members of the elm and nettle families including American elm, Hops, Nettle, False Nettle and Wood Nettle.

Caterpillar for Gulf Fritillary Butterfly

Common Name: Gulf Fritillary

Genus: Agraulis
Species: vanillae
Group: Fritillaries
Host Plant: Host plants are Passion Vine and Passion Flower.

Caterpillar for Dreamy Duskywing Butterfly

Common Name: Dreamy Duskywing

Genus: Erynnis
Species: icelus
Group: Skippers
Host Plant: Host plants are Willows and Poplars

Caterpillar for Sleepy Orange Butterfly

Common Name: Sleepy Orange

Genus: Erynnis
Species: brizo
Group: Skippers
Host Plant: Scrub Oak