Caterpillar Identification Guide

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Caterpillar for Red Admiral Butterfly

Common Name: Red Admiral

Genus: Vanessa
Species: atalanta
Group: Brushfoots
Host Plants: Plants of the nettle familyincluding Stinging nettle, Tall wild nettle, Wood nettle , False nettle

Caterpillar for Least Skipper Butterfly

Common Name: Least Skipper

Genus: Ancloxypha
Species: numitor
Group: Skippers
Host Plants: Edges of streams, ponds, and lakes. This species is rarely found far from water, even when nectaring.

Caterpillar for Juvenal's Duskywing Butterfly

Common Name: Juvenals Duskywing

Genus: Vanessa
Species: cardui
Group: Skippers
Host Plant: Favorites include Prairie thistle and Swamp thistle. Others include Asters, Boneset, Joe pye weed, Sneezeweed, Sunflowers, Liatris, Black eyed susan, Cup plant and Compass plant, Goldenrods, Milk vetch, Prairie clover, and Wild lupine.

Eastern Tailed Blue

Common Name: Eastern Tailed Blue

Genus: Everes
Species: comyntas
Group: Blues
Host Plant: Legumes including Wild Lupines, American and Carolina Vetch, Beach Pea, White Pea, Marsh Pea (Lathyrus palustris), Veiny Pea, and Tick Trefoils, note: caterpillars overwinter in the seed pods